You're complete. Divine. An unrepeatable miracle. But...

Sometimes you forget.

And it’s no surprise—there are many forces in the world trying to get you to wrongly believe that there's something wrong with you or that you don’t deserve love.

That’s why making the choice to love yourself anyway is, in the words of Audre Lorde, a political act.

What makes the self-love that you'll be cultivating in this retreat particularly radical is that its based on the idea that, not only that you are worthy and deserving of love, but that you're perfect... right now, exactly the way you are.

During this 5-Day Radical Self-Love Retreat, you'll get online access to a 20-minute reflection and action every day that'll help you realize this truth.

And if you stay committed to the journey and engage with all of the lessons with your full attention and an open heart and mind, in just five days you can deepen your self-love in ways you might have not thought possible.

Each day will be a new opportunity to pause. Relish. Learn. Grow. Love. And remember who you are.

And, for you, it’s absolutely free.

Join me.

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