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Who am I?


Hi, I'm Itzel, founder of Attuned Living. And I've been where you are today.

Back in 2008, I was married to the man that I thought I'd grow old with. But it was painfully obvious that things weren't working out. I was miserable. But it was hard for me to understand why. I knew we both loved each other. But somehow, we couldn't find our way back to that place where we loved to show each other that love. In fact, I actively didn't want to--because to do so was just opening myself up the possibility of more disappointment, more hurt, more disconnection. We were in a terrible place and I couldn't figure out how to find a way out. So I did what spouses in 50% of couples do today... I filed for divorce.

The years that followed my divorce were both the worst and the best years of my life. I say they were the worst years because going through my divorce was one of the most painful experiences I'd had in my adult life. But they were also the best years because I committed myself completely to understanding myself and relationships. I studied every teacher, system, and practice that I could get my hands on... I tossed what didn't work and took what did work and the Relationship Transformation System was born. Then, I implemented it all in my own life and--boom--everything in my life changed for the better.

But back to how my life changed in a second because I didn't stop there.

Inspired by the amazing changes that I saw in my own life, and encouraged by my friends to share what I'd learned with others, I entered into two separate certificate programs--one for coaching and one for counseling--and began sharing my Relationship Transformation System with others. And after witnessing the amazing changes that my clients saw in their lives over and over again, I wanted nothing more but to bring these amazing skills to the rest of the world. Nothing brings me more joy than to know that I'm helping people avoid the pain I went to and am instead increasing the amount of LOVE in the world. There's nothing better! And from that my webinar was born!

So, I hope you watch it. It will give you a taste of the Relationship Transformation System. At an hour long, it's definitely a commitment. But that hour is a small price to pay to begin bringing the love back into your relationship.

Oh, and as for my personal life, I unlocked the key to love in my own life. I love myself unconditionally. I am married to my love and best friend and I have the skills needed to keep love and intimacy alive. And the skills I've developed are even helping me create an amazing relationship with our three year old son.

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What people are saying about me

I highly recommend Itzel. She will help you on your journey. She helped me.
— Anthony in California
Itzel feels like a much-needed partner in the business of life. I am continuing to work with her, and I can’t praise her highly enough.
— Manuella in Washington DC
She brings out the best in me; and in turn, I shine brighter in the world as a direct result of working with Itzel.
— Christopher in New Zealand
Itzel is an absolute delight to work with. She is joyful, kind, wise, and genuinely caring.
— Francesca in San Francisco, California
Itzel’s love for the world that can be—-the one that has the potential to be at its best when it is filled by people striving to be their best—-really comes through and creates very effective coaching that can impact me in ways both pragmatic and sublime.
— Martin in Portland, Oregon
Learning to live again in love is fantastic.
— Shellie in New Orleans, Louisiana