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What You'll Learn In The MasterClass:

  • The five-step strategy you can use to make your marriage great, even if your relationship has been on the rocks for years.
  • Exactly what to do TODAY to fall deeply and completely in love with yourself and your partner all over again.
  • How to get the love and support that they want and need from your partner at any given moment, even when difficult life circumstances or other external challenges arise.
  • The real reason why prioritizing communication is NOT a good strategy for creating a happy relationship ... and what to focus on instead to create a great marriage.
  • The secret to breaking out of the painful cycle of distance and dirty fights that dominate your relationship, and how to create a steady flow of love and connection in your marriage more quickly than you could ever imagine.
  • How to fight “fair” and use conflict as an opportunity to actually deepen the connection in your marriage.
  • And how to do all this without settling for less or compromising


"But What If Nothing's wrong Exactly (But it's not great either)?"

Even if there are no major red flags now, click here to nip any habits or behaviors that, if left unchecked, could lead to disconnection or resentment over time. 

"But What If My Relationship is falling Apart?"

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Who am I?


Hi, I'm Itzel, founder of Attuned Living. And I've been where you are today.


What Makes Me Different

In 2008, I was married, miserable, and feeling hopeless. I tried everything--books, exercises, workshops. My husband and I even did couple's counseling. But nothing seemed to work. After tearfully filing for divorce, I committed myself completely to understanding myself and relationships.

Single and questioning whether a happy and healthy relationship was even possible for me, I studied every teacher, system, and practice that I could get my hands on. But academic experience and formal training weren't enough for me... my own personal experience and transformation were what I was focused on. So I took what worked and tossed what didn't. I implemented it all in my own life and--boom--everything in my life changed for the better.


You can see my testimonials below to read about my clients' awesome results. And I personally also unlocked the key to love in my own life. I love my self unconditionally. I married my love and best friend. And I have the skilled needed to keep the love and intimacy in my marriage alive. The skill I've developed are even helping me create an amazing relationship with our son.

What to expect


Who I Work With

Inspired by the amazing changes that I saw in my own life, and encouraged by my friends to share what I'd learned with others, I entered into two separate certificate programs--one for coaching and one for counseling--and began sharing what I learned with others... and this led me to the Five Secrets that my successful clients use to bring more love, closeness, connection into their marriage, even if their relationship is on the rocks. And I want to share those secrets with you today.


What's Next For You

You can learn the Five Secrets yourself by clicking the button below for instant access... and begin bringing the love back into your relationship today.

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What people are saying about me

I highly recommend Itzel. She will help you on your journey. She helped me.
— Anthony in California
Itzel feels like a much-needed partner in the business of life. I am continuing to work with her, and I can’t praise her highly enough.
— Manuella in Washington DC
She brings out the best in me; and in turn, I shine brighter in the world as a direct result of working with Itzel.
— Christopher in New Zealand
Itzel is an absolute delight to work with. She is joyful, kind, wise, and genuinely caring.
— Francesca in San Francisco, California
Itzel’s love for the world that can be—-the one that has the potential to be at its best when it is filled by people striving to be their best—-really comes through and creates very effective coaching that can impact me in ways both pragmatic and sublime.
— Martin in Portland, Oregon
Learning to live again in love is fantastic.
— Shellie in New Orleans, Louisiana