Social Justice & Allyship Programs


Training topics include: 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity 
Exploring Unconscious Bias
Positionality, Power, and Privilege
Identifying & Interrupting Microaggressions
Communicating Across Difference
And more...
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Courses co-taught by Itzel Hayward & Kathy Simon include:

Responding to Everyday Racism:

Skills for Effectively Challenging Racist Words and Ideas

In the day-to-day, allies and advocates are called upon to address the words and actions of individuals who are blatantly racist or who are upholding racist ideas—including family members, old friends, and co-workers.

This course is designed to help you challenge these words and actions in a way that leads to connection and understanding, rather than anger or resentment.

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Allyship for Educators:

Standing up for Racial & Social Justice in the Classroom

Educators have both a special responsibility and special opportunity to help shape discourse around race and racism.

Join us for this series where we'll explore how you can stand up for racial and social justice in the classroom in ways that do not alienate those who differ with you and how to model for your students the possibility of engaging in dialogue across difference.

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“What Do I Do Now?”:

Active Practice in Responding to Racist Comments in Our Lives

Knowing how to challenge racist words and ideas in a way that’s most likely to encourage individuals to change—or at least have openness to looking at their beliefs and behavior—is an important skills in allyship. And one that takes practice.

In this series, Kathy and Itzel will guide participants in putting these skills into practice in real life conversations.

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What to Do if Someone Calls You a Racist:

Hard Moments on the Path to Social Justice

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About the Trainers:

After practicing law for over a decade, Itzel Hayward made the career move from lawyer to coach. Since then, Itzel has been sharing stress management techniques, collaboration skills, conflict resolution skills, and nonviolent communication skills with groups and individuals around the San Francisco Bay Area. Much of Itzel’s work is focused on anti-racism and communicating across difference and is based on the understanding that all people have the capacity for empathy and seeing each other’s full humanity. Click here to learn more.

Kathy Simon is passionate about teaching skills for communicating across difference, whether the differences arise across the kitchen table, in the classroom, the board room, or across religious, racial, and political divides. Kathy's work draws on the insights of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication and incorporates her decades of experience as an educator, non-profit director, parent, and partner. She is a certified trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication. Click here to learn more.

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