Privacy Policy

We are committed to maintaining the privacy of any personal information given to us. Our privacy policy on the collection and use of personal information is as follows. 

  • We will never share your personal information without your express consent.
  • Before we collect personal information, we will explain why we are collecting it.
  • We will gather and use personal information only for the reasons we indicated or other business related purposes, unless we get the express content of the owner of that data or as required by law.
  • We will maintain personal information only for the time needed to satisfied its stated purpose.
  • We will collect personal information by legal and reasonable means and with the express consent of the owner of the data where applicable. 
  • We will only collect personal information that is necessary for the reason given and, to the extent that it is necessary to satisfy that reason, we will correct and update it as appropriate. 
  • We will keep personal information secured from unauthorized access. 
  • We will provide public access to this privacy policy outlining how we collect and use personal information.