How Successful Women Find Real, Lasting Love Fast…

Even if they’re over 40, Divorced, Have Kids, Or Feel Like They’ve Been Single For Forever


The Love Of Your Lifetime Is Waiting For You!

In This Masterclass, You'll Discover:

  • The step-by-step method that my clients use to quickly and easily find the love of a lifetime, even if they’re over 40, divorced, have kids, or feel like they’ve been single forever.

  • The secret to meeting someone who you adore... and who is devoted to you too. 

  • The real reason why some women keep picking partners who are unavailable, unwilling to commit, or only interested in sex and how to avoid making the same mistake.

  • What our clients do to be irresistible to the good ones, including the secret strategy that makes it happen practically overnight. 

  • And how to do all of this easily and authentically without playing games, being a bitch, or downplaying your strengths. 


Presented by
Itzel Hayward

Itzel Hayward has been a love, dating, and relationship coach and mentor for a decade. She specializes in helping women find the love they want and keep the love they have. After practicing law for 13 years, she left her career as a lawyer with a desire to increase the amount of love in the world. Since then, she’s helped hundreds of individuals live in love.