Attuned Parenting

As a new parent to seven-month-old Teo, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of parenting philosophies out there, many of which seem to contradict each other. More and more often I find myself ditching the books, Facebook groups, and unsolicited advice of strangers and turning back to my yogic studies.

Though I’ve practiced yoga for nearly two decades—during which time I’ve become a yoga teacher, lived in an ashram for three years, and started a yoga therapy business—nothing has deepened my yoga practice more than becoming a parent. From the various branches of yoga to the eight limbs of yogic practice to the 196 philosophical aphorisms compiled by the grandfather of yoga, Patanjali, my desire to parent Teo in an attuned, or yogic, way challenges me to look more closely at what I know ... or thought I knew.

I’m not sure yet how this experience will be reflected in my offerings, but if you’re facing similar challenges, or you’re interested in joining me on an attuned parenting journey, I’d love to hear from you. Peace.