Begin Manifesting wealth and abundance today.

Are you ready for proven ways to attract more money into your world?

Start with affirmations… and, after that there’s so much more, you can do to turn your financial life around!

Daily affirmations have been practiced successfully by manifesters all over the globe. Don’t already practice affirmations? Start! Pick a favorite one and repeat it regularly to start enjoying being in the flow of financial abundance.

(Remember that manifesting money is just a matter of finding a way to shift your mind set. Once you’ve done that, the Universe will re-arrange itself accordingly. This means that the affirmation that works best is the one that you enjoy the most--repeating affirmations with joy and conviction is the key to shifting your mindset.)

Here are some proven and powerful affirmations:

I am eternally grateful for my abundance.

Wealth is pouring into my life.

The universe brings me fulfillment and abundance.

Money flows to me easily, frequently and abundantly.

I enjoy an abundance of money.

Pick any one of these (or any other one you like) and repeat it with passion and conviction every day. Opportunities will come quickly. And when an opportunity or impulse is there, act. The universe likes speed. Don't delay. Don't second-guess. Don't doubt.

And there’s so much more than just affirmations that can be done to become a magnet for abundance. That’s where the Attuned Abundance Program comes in! Join the Attuned Abundance Program today and starting February 1 and for 28 days receive:

  • 28 text daily text messages containing one practice or technique for you to engage in that day to shift your mindset and move you into the flow of financial abundance
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  • The strength and support of a worldwide community participating in the practice of attracting abundance
  • At the end of the 28 days, you will receive an invitation to join an exclusive community of individuals supporting each other manifesting their dreams in all areas of their lives--this invitation is currently only available through this program!

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What people are saying

Itzel feels like a much-needed partner in the business of life. I am continuing to work with her, and I can’t praise her highly enough.
— Manuella in Washington DC
She brings out the best in me; and in turn, I shine brighter in the world as a direct result of working with Itzel.
— Christopher in New Zealand
Itzel is an absolute delight to work with. She is joyful, kind, wise, and genuinely caring.
— Francesca in San Francisco, California
I highly recommend Itzel. She will help you on your journey. She helped me.
— Anthony in California
Itzel’s love for the world that can be—-the one that has the potential to be at its best when it is filled by people striving to be their best—-really comes through and creates very effective coaching that can impact me in ways both pragmatic and sublime.
— Martin in Portland, Oregon
Learning to live again in love is fantastic.
— Shellie in New Orleans, Louisiana

About Itzel

Headshot 2017 Circle.png

In 2001, attorney Itzel Berrio Hayward was going through a hard time. She had been dumped by her long-distance boyfriend the same month that the company she was working for dissolved, along with her job. With no job to go to and no partner to call or visit, Itzel had a lot of time on her hands. She threw herself into yoga and meditation and couldn’t believe its healing and transformational effects. She was hooked.

Then in 2009, Itzel’s world fell apart. She was getting a divorce, moving out of her beloved home, walking away from her career as a lawyer, and no longer able to ignore the impact of past traumas on her physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She turned to trauma healing practices and again yoga and meditation to heal herself... as well as to every system and practice that she could find to help her heal her relationships with herself and with others.

Inspired by the positive changes in her own life and encouraged by friends who saw them and wanted to learn how to effect similar changes in their own lives, Itzel (also known by her yoga community as Kamala) entered into two separate certificate programs--one for coaching and one for counseling--and also went through two different in-depth programs on the study of the mind and human behavior: yogic psychology and non-violent communication. Today, Itzel is a sought-after teacher in both and the creator of the Attuned Relationship System, a step-by-step program for manifesting the happy and healthy relationship of your dreams.

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